Stand Up Paddle Surfing is FUN!

Dave has designed his line of surfing SUP boards drawing on many years and literally (yes literally) thousands of waves surfed on almost every size and shape of surfing and non surfing SUP shapes and designs. This latest evolution of SUP’s has been tested and given the seal of approval by Dave and friends in may varying conditions from bombing outer reef passes to fun beach breaks.

The result is a tight and concise offering of modern SUP surfing designs aimed at making every session on the water super fun and rewarding. Our line of SUP’s are fast and stable carrying volume towards the nose and tail, but have a rocker and rail shape that allows the boards to be surfed like a much shorter board.

Dave’s philosophy of “the quality of your turns does not equate to the size of your board” is translated into these designs. Paddle a bigger board, catch more waves and make each turn count.

The line is offered in 5 sizes to suit all skill levels and body types.

The boards are constructed in our vacuum bagged PVC sandwich carbon construction. Strong and light. Comfy and grippy diamond grooved and heat embossed deck pads come standard. The boards are offered with a center fin box and FCS style side fin boxes. Please note the boards ship with out fins. Feel free to throw in your trusted set of fins.

We are very confidant that once you try one of our boards, it will become the fastest, most forgiving and funnest boards in your quiver. it will be your trusted go to board for almost every condition.



The SUP boards are high performance longboard style SUP boards. From 9’0” to 11’0”. These boards are an evolution of Dave’s many years in designing SUP boards. They rip! There is a size to suit all weights and skill levels.

Board specifications

Size 9’0 x 28″ 10’0″ x 28″ 11’0″ x 28″ wide
9’2”x 30”
10’2”x 32”
Volume 108 ltr 121 ltr 133 ltr 126 ltr 160 ltr

15.43 lbs

7 kg

17.64 lbs

8 kg

19.84 lbs

9 kg

16.53 lbs

7.5 kg

19.84 lbs

9 kg

Stand Up Paddle Board 

Our Line of SUP’s are FUN to surf. These designs are an evolution of many years research and development surfing fun knee high to scary double overhead waves from the shores of Maui and around the world. Trust us, these boards work. You will thank us 😀