About Us

Kalama Performance is a company founded on the experience and concepts that I have developed over the last 34 years of living on Maui. My main goal is to supply the absolute best equipment you can get for riding waves & open ocean swells.

While performance is the main focus, I understand that the ultimate goal is maximum enjoyment of your time in the water & the lifelong memories that come from those experiences. My time on Maui as a professional windsurfer / longboarder / Big Wave surfer / SUP pioneer / Foil pioneer have all been in pursuit of one thing . . . FUN!

While fun is usually considered a light-hearted endeavor, I have actually always taken it quite seriously and made it the focal point of my life. What I have learned is that one of the most critical aspects to having fun in the water, is having equipment that you can trust and that raises your personal potential. As a big wave surfer, fear is an emotion that I have had to come to terms with, and in that resolve I have learned that you cannot let fear inhibit your actions or philosophies.

That is why my designs are un-incumbered by conventional thinking. I am not afraid to try new concepts, new designs and experiment, because the failure that inherently comes from new ideas is what makes me better as a designer, and the equipment evolve to the most progressive levels. It’s that evolution that has brought me to this point of wanting to share all of my development and ideas to a broader spectrum of people, so that I may have a greater influence over your level of enjoyment while you are in the water.

Which brings it back to what it’s all about, having FUN.