Introducing the Barracuda.

More than a new board shape… The Barracuda is a design journey.

Every journey has an objective. And that objective starts with a question. How do we design a board that will increase flying time? Increase the fun. A pretty simple objective. But a very complicated set of design features.

 To get up on foil early and often with minimal effort requires a unique design. The Barracuda was first designed for downwind applications, however like all good journeys, it’s the learnings along the way that inspire and define the trip .

What we have learnt is that the Barracuda soon became the go to one board quiver killer. It works as good for winging, prone and SUP wave foiling as well as it does on long downwind sessions.

What was once thought to be too long or narrow has proven to be our own preconceived limitations on a design. But if you let the design speak for itself it has shown us the path forward.

Dave has been building prototypes, testing and refining the Barracuda designs over the last three seasons. It’s now time to release all these learnings to you.

Built with Passion and Purpose for Fun. Enjoy!



Inherent design features of the Barracuda Kalama Performance designs.

The Barracuda’s are built using full carbon, high density foam molded PVC sandwich construction.

All boxes and inserts are reinforced with high density foam inserts and additional carbon.

We have kept the boards weight as light as possible without sacrificing on stiffness and durability.

The Barracudas come with 10” mast tracks, front strap inserts, vent and leash plug. Handles and rear foot straps have been intentionally removed to assist in keeping the board weight down.


Efficiency is where it’s at. All foil boards start out as displacement hull shapes until the second the board breaks the water tension and is released to the air… A combination of nose entry, hull and rail shape, length, rocker, tail release and a handful of hard learned design elements all combine to create our most efficient design to date.

Bump Damping

Once on foil, the unique design, length and width come in to play assisting in smoothing out the bucking, bumps and chop. You can think of it as board suspension. Hard to describe until you experience this unique feature once up on foil on a Cuda. Turns are smoother, pumps are easier, bumps are connected more efficiently, and the fun keeps going with less effort.

Confidence Inspiring

Getting up on foil should not be a limiting factor to having fun. The Barracuda’s unique design will get you up on foil and keep you on foil between touch downs without crazy tracking to allow your confidence to soar and your fun factor to blow up! We call this the smiles per dollar equation. The more you are smiling the cheaper each one of those smiles becomes.

Board specifications

Size 7’8”x 18.5” 7’10”x 19.5” 8’0”x 21”
Volume  92 ltr 102 ltr 111 ltr
Weight 11.5 lbs

5.22 kgs

12.5 lbs

5.67 kgs

13.5 lbs

6.12 kgs

Barracuda Foil Board

We offer the Barracuda in three sizes to best suit your weight, skill level and intended primary use.

The 7’8” x 18.5” x 92 litres is for smaller riders or riders with good skill looking for an advanced downwind board. This size also works great as a prone wave or water start winging board.

The 7’10” x 19.5” x 102 litres is for medium sized riders of all skill levels. This size is as adapt to down winding is as it is to SUP or prone wave foiling and winging.

The 8’ x 21’ x 111 litres is for bigger riders of all skill levels. This is an all-around size that excels in offshore downwind conditions. It’s also a great size for riders with growing skill levels looking for a forgiving size to advance efficiently into foiling and those very light wind winging sessions.


7’8” x 18.5” x 92 litres

7’8” x 18.5” x 92 litres

7’8” x 18.5” x 92 litres

7’10” x 19.5” x 102 litres

7’10” x 19.5” x 102 litres

7’10” x 19.5” x 102 litres

8’ x 21’ x 111 litres

8’ x 21’ x 111 litres

8’ x 21’ x 111 litres